Accessibility Policy Plan

Acceptable Use Policy–Mobile phone & other electronic devices

Admission policy

Allegations Policy

Alternative Provision Policy

Anti bullying policy

Assessment Appeal Procedure

Assessment Policy

Anti-Drugs Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour for Learning Policy

Bereavement Policy

Careers Education and Guidance Policy

CCTV Policy

Charging & Remissions Policy

Child Protection Policy

Curriculum & Qualifications Policy

Complaints Policy

Confidentiality Policy

County Lines Network Policy

Cover PPA Policy

Critical Incident Lockdown Plan

Educational Visits Critical Incident Plan Policy

Data Protection Policy

Description of Security Measures Employed to Safeguard the Processing of Personal Data Policy

Disaster Recovery Plan

E-Safety Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Educational Visits Critical Incident Plan

Electronic Device Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy 

Exams Policies

Fair Processing Notice Policy

Feedback and Marking Policy

First Aid Policy


Gifts & Hospitality Policy

Health Safety & Wellbeing Policy

Home Learning Policy

Home Visit Policy

HR Policies

ICT Software Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Lettings Policy

Lone Worker Policy


Malpractice & Maladministration Policy

Medication Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

Missing Pupil Policy

Pupil Wellbeing Policy

Positive Handling Policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Race Equality Policy

Reading Writing and Vocabulary Policy

Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Remote Learning Policy 

Reserves Policy

Safeguarding Policy & Procedures.

Sex & Relationships Education Policy

Social Media Policy PUPIL

Social Media Policy STAFF

Special Educational Needs Policy

Staff Wellbeing policy

Teaching & Learning Policy

Uniform Policy

Visitors Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy

Young Carers Policy





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