Paralympic Sports

There are many sports that kids and adults of all ages can play, but inclusion has always been a controversial subject when it comes to sports. But with the launch of the first public Paralympics in 1960 that all changed.

With sports like Boccia being introduced in the 1984 Olympics this gives the disabled community something of their own and something that is not an adaptation of a pre-existing sport.

There are a lot of sports that have been adapted for differently able people; sports like football which can be played using a walking frame or a bigger ball. Some other sports which have been adapted are basketball, rugby, and cricket.

Boccia isn’t just for physically disabled people, as it can also be played by people with mental disabilities. However, on an Olympic level it can only be played by people with cerebral palsy and other related conditions. In Boccia you have a set of blue balls, a set of red balls, and a white ball called a jack. Whichever team gets more of their balls closest to the jack wins the game.

In wheelchair basketball, you have a specially designed wheelchair that is lighter so you can move quicker, you are also allowed to push your chair twice before bouncing, passing, or shooting the ball. The height of the hoop is also lowered to 3.05 metres.


In Wheelchair rugby, you have play with a round ball. You must score a goal in 40 seconds or it is a foul. In wheelchair rugby, wheelchair contact is allowed but no skin-to-skin contact.

By Tyler and Matthew

Photos by Matthew

Nintendo Switch Release

On March the third the new Nintendo console was released, bringing more games and features than ever before.

The Nintendo Switch is a console that can also be used as a handheld, which allows people to play anytime and anywhere.

Long-time Legend of Zelda fans have also been going crazy over Breath of the Wild (a game released alongside the launch of the Switch)

Games released on the Switch include: 1-2 Switch, Snipperclips, Super Bomberman R and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

By Daniel

Rockets at Woodlands

In Woodlands School’s Science Club, pupils have been entered in a competition where they must build a rocket, or a rocket-car, and if they win they get to go to Disney Land Paris.

There are no rules about the rocket car, except that it must fly a height of at least three times that of our school!

This is an exciting thing for us here at Woodlands as we are going to learn about the uses of electricity. But we need students to join and help us more than ever.

By Ellie-Jade

Science Club

Science club is good because you learn new things and get to do challenges.

In Science Club, we have taken part the marble challenge and we have also tried to hatch eggs to find out if they are fertilised or unfertilised.

At the moment we have entered a competition to build a rocket and a rocket car and if our team wins we get to go to Disney land Paris!

By Katie


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