Every child likes to know they are doing well and every child likes to be congratulated. Here at Woodlands School we believe that positively reinforcing good behaviour or high achievement can be more effective than punishing bad behaviour or low achievement.

We feel that rewards act as motivators for pupils when they believe that they have a chance to earn the reward. They only become effective when pupils truly value them. With this in mind, good work, effort and behaviour are commended by Woodlands staff whenever possible. We use ‘Reward Points’ via PAM to reward both individuals and groups of pupils. This is proving to positively affect motivation, attitude and performance. It is a powerful learning loop which empowers teachers, encourages pupils, and involves our parents/careers in their child’s progress. Pupils of all years find this electronic rewards system exciting, engaging and easy to use.

Here at Woodlands School we work hard to ensure that we have a rewards system that has relevance to all pupils, ensuring every pupil is getting the recognition for their personal achievements and group contributions, no matter how large or small. PAM reward Points are issued at every opportunity to positively reinforce the values and attributes we wish our pupils to demonstrate.

The result?…

Increased attendance, performance, motivation and positive behaviour.

That means motivated, happier students, satisfied parents, and better schools. judging from the continued feedback we get from our students, teachers and school leaders on both sides of the globe, we’re very proud to say it remains the best!


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For Further information please email – rewards@woodlandsschool.essex.sch.uk

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