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Sports Colours


A reward for dedication, commitment and excellence within a specific sport.


What are School Sports colours?


School Sports Colours are awarded to pupils that represent the school on a regular basis. Pupils who represent the school at a higher level i.e. county, regional or national can expect to be awarded Full Colours. Colours can also be awarded for sports that are not covered within the schools extra curricular programme – these applications will be discussed within faculty meetings to ensure consistency and that the colours are not devalued in any way.


What is awarded to the pupils?


  • The pupils will gain a certificate and an embroidered badge with silver lettering if they achieve half colours to be worn on the school blazer.
  • The pupils will gain a certificate and an embroidered badge with gold lettering if they achieve full colours to be worn on the school blazer.


Criteria for Half Colours in Sport (Year 8)


  • Representation of a school sports team.
  • Exemplary sporting conduct throughout the academic year.
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
  • Competing to a good standard.
  • Regular commitment to school sports fixtures throughout the season.
  • Regular commitment to weekly training throughout the season.


This criteria will vary depending on the sport and success of the team.


Criteria for Full Colours in Sport (Year 9 or 10)


In addition to half colours criteria


  • Outstanding representation in a School sport.
  • Outstanding contribution to a School sport.
  • Show good leadership skills.
  • Set an exceptional example: they are a good ‘role model’ to the younger pupils.


The colours can be withdrawn from the pupils for poor behaviour either on the sports field or within the school environment. Also for lack of commitment at training and school fixtures.

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