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Get Connected

Office 365 email is compatible with a wide range of email apps, including those built-in to iOS, Android and Windows.


Email access within school – Open Outlook, you may be asked to click ‘Next’ a few times, your emails will then download and be displayed.

Login using a web browser  (Click here for instructions) – This will give you access to all the Office 365 features; Mail, Calendar, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneDrive Storage.

**New**  iOS Mail app setup

Android Email app setup

Windows Phone Email Setup 

OneDrive online storage – Upload files and folders to Office 365 (the Cloud)


OneDrive – Get OneDrive on your device

Download the OneDrive App for iPhone/iPad

Download the OneDrive App for Android

Download the OneDrive App for Windows and other devices

So, why change email systems?

Office 365, provided by Microsoft, offers some great features:

  • Office 365 (email access) –
    • Office 365 has greater support for various types of technologies than our current system – Easily access your emails via a PC/Mac or iOS, Android and Windows devices;
    • A 50GB mailbox;
    • Send 150MB attachments per email.
  • OneDrive, 1TB of online storage – Accessible from anywhere using your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device.
  • Web versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint – This will be of huge benefit to all that don’t currently have Office software installed at home as it will allow all pupils and staff to edit and create documents online without having to buy and install the software for home use.

Watch the video below for an overview of Office 365…


Q1. How do I login to Office 365?

A1. From here >, or Google ‘Office 365’ and click on “Office 365 – Email”

Q2. How do I get to my emails?

A2.  Refer to the ‘Get Connected’ section above.

Q3. Do I need to do anything?

A3. As from 1st September 2017 the use of USB drives will not be allowed within school. This is to ensure we comply with the latest Data Protection guidelines. Please ensure any school files you have on USB drives are transferred to your OneDrive online storage before 1st September. Please also ensure all school files are removed from any USB drives you use.

Q4. What is OneDrive?

A4. OneDrive is your online storage space which gives you 1TB to use for school-related files. Once logged in to Office 365, click on the OneDrive tile to access your online storage. You can drag and drop files and folders to this page to make your files accessible from anywhere using your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android, or Windows device (Internet connection required).

Q5. The apps are free but do I have to install the apps to use my email and OneDrive account from outside of school?

A5. No, your emails and OneDrive storage are accessible directly through the Office 365 website. You will also have access to online versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Q6. Will all my files be available in OneDrive?

A6. This is entirely up to you. We will leave all your documents and shared drives as they currently are, but if you wish to move files and/or folders to OneDrive then follow the guide in the ‘Guides’ section above.

Q7. Is Office 365 safe?

A7. Yes, Microsoft uses the latest security methods to ensure your connection is secure at all times. For more information, click here. As you will be accessing Office 365 and OneDrive using your school password, we would recommend using a ‘strong’ password.

Q8. What login details do I use to log in to Office 365, OneDrive and RM Unify?

A8. Your Office 365 and OneDrive username will be your full school email address and the password will be the same password you use on the computers in school. RM Unify only needs the username (not your full email address) and your school password.

Q9. I can’t login to Office 365 or OneDrive.

A9. These systems use the same password as your school computer login, so if you have changed your computer password then you will need to use the new password with Office 365 and OneDrive.

Q10. How might this change affect access to other types of Office software (not in o365) such as ‘Publisher’ and ‘FrontPage’ – will they still be available locally in school?

A10. All software currently installed on the computers in school will remain the same and accessible from within school.

Q11. What is RM Unify?

A11. RM Unify is the connection between us as a school and Microsoft’s services; it allows us to use the same password for Office 365 as you would use to log in to the school computers.

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