Vision Statement

  • To allow every pupil to pursue academic excellence
  • To create an environment which is stimulating, secure and provides opportunities for all
  • To develop an empathy and understanding for our local community

Mission Statement

  • At Woodlands School, every pupil has access to a fully inclusive and appropriately challenging curriculum, which is taught by highly qualified and outstanding teachers. Pupils learn in a safe and thriving environment which is conducive to each and every one making outstanding progress, ensuring they have high aspirations for their own success.
  • We provide opportunities for all pupils to engage, enjoy and excel both in the classroom and in the wider community. Pupils understand the importance of having excellent social skills which will guide them in developing a strong moral purpose.
  • Staff within Woodlands School are valued and supported through an outstanding professional development programme.
  • As a learning community we work with all stakeholders to pursue excellence and seize opportunities.

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