netballElite Player Development Plan – Netball

The Elite Player Development programme identifies Netball players who have the technical and tactical skills combined with creativity to compete at the highest levels.  The programme provides players with the opportunity to combine regular training with their academic studies and create a strict learning environment for the education and progress of every selected player.

Student Athletes will be supported and managed by the school’s experienced coaching and teaching staff, together they will supervise their academic learning, strength & conditioning, technical & tactical development and competitive programs. Furthermore, we aim to inspire players and encourage them to adopt our core values of humility, discipline and commitment which we deem fundamental when striving for success.

Selected athletes will be expected to attend two sessions before school and one after school every week. Two out of the three sessions will hold a strong focus on developing core skills in all aspects of the game, when both attacking and defending. Students are also provided with one to one coaching to improve on individual aspects of their game, to further maximise performance and their potential on the court. In addition to this students will be required to attend a conditioning programme specific to skills required in the Netball field.  Mr. Dunn runs all conditioning sessions whilst Miss. Clarke and Miss. Semon deliver all coaching sessions alongside Miss. Baulcutt.

Miss. Clarke is a Level 1 coach and a qualified umpire. Sharon Baulcutt joined the EPD programme towards the end of last Year. Sharon Baulcutt is a Level 2 coach and a qualified umpire. Sharon has coached for local teams across Essex such as Star Netball club.

The programme will be both physically and mentally demanding and the expectations from coaches will be very high. The programme will be constantly be reviewed to guarantee the continuous development of the players and ensure they realise their capabilities and full potential. This year’s current training plan can be viewable on the website.

The sessions are on the following days:

Monday AM (Strength and Conditioning)

Monday PM (Skill Based Training)

Tuesday AM (Core/Skill Based Training, Game Play)

Selected athletes will be given the opportunity to play competitive games against high level opponents and be part of an enrichment programme to inspire them to strive for excellence.


Click here for EPD Curriculum Plan_Netball


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