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Holly has a complex medical condition and although this has made her miss a lot of school this has never stopped her wanting to do well and she has such a positive attitude towards her studies. She even completed her GCSE exam in Basildon hospital last year despite being admitted with an infection!

Despite all her personal struggles, Holly always attends school when she can and is currently applying for college.

In Year 7, we wasn’t sure Holly would even maintain school as many children with her needs do not attend mainstream, so the fact she is in Year 11 is incredible
















Jerimiah has a complex medical condition, this does not however deter Jerimiah from his studies, he is the amongst the most polite, helpful and enthusiastic pupil in the year group. Jerimiah is always ‘doing the right thing’, he has the most positive attitude to all that he does.

Jerimiah is prepared to help staff beyond lessons and is a fantastic positive role model within the year group and whole school community.

Jerimiah has younger siblings who have learning difficulties and Jerimiah often is a young carer for this siblings at home.

Jerimiah embraces every opportunity he is presented with. He is an excellent role model as he is conscientious, hardworking and never makes excuses.













In September 2018 a fellow pupil from another school past away from a brain tumour, Sonny decided to make a post on twitter to try and get this pupil a minutes silence in the next West Ham game to give the pupil a good send off.  Sonny tried spreading the word around people from schools in the area and also West Ham themselves after a valiant effort Sonny finally got noticed and in the game the pupil was given a minutes silence and a great send off from all the fans at the stadium this was a brilliant thing for Sonny to do for this pupil.


Nicholas arrived from Moldova to start his new life in England at the start of Year 10 just before the first English PPE exam. Although entering an exam hall and completing an unfamiliar exam in a foreign language would be daunting for anyone, Nicholas simply said “I will just do my best” and got on with it and that has been his mantra throughout the year. He has acted on every piece of advice and feedback with a quiet determination and, as a result, has made phenomenal progress. He epitomises the phrase “a pleasure to teach” – a view, his Head of Year assures me is shared by his other teachers, herself included.


Skye is a Young Carer for her mum and for her two younger siblings -one who has autism, the other is almost 1 year old.  Skye is considered a vulnerable Young Person, she has overcome both social and emotional barriers to her learning.  Skye has aspirations to become a Lawyer, she works hard in school and is determined to not become a product of her postcode















Frankie has difficulty retaining information and retrieval of vocabulary, however she rises above and is excelling in Maths. Frankie is also a great role model who comes into school every day with a smile on her face and tries her hardest.   She is absolutely fantastic in all lessons and has made huge progress in such a short period of time, since starting at Woodlands in September 2017.
















Towards the end of last year on holiday Harry had an accident where he nearly choked to death on some bacon. That then led to Harry developing an eating disorder and he lost a lot of weight, which meant he was unable to take part in any physical activity.  He has now come through this and is able to come back to sport.
















Summer-Love is identified as a Young Carer, initially her punctuality and attendance was an issue, however after intense pastoral support with BfL Team as an added intervention, this has improved immensely.  Summer-Love wears her uniform with pride and is working hard to meet her full potential.

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