Takely Education Trust

T/A Woodlands School



Benfleet Schools Trust

Peter Hillman

Terence Reynolds




Directors  – four years.
Term of Office

Co-opted Directors – as determined by Directors on appointment.


Terence Reynolds – Chair                                          appointed 20th February 2015

Simon Cox – Headteacher                                        appointed 1st April 2015

Terence Curtis – Staff                                               appointed 30th June 2015

Janet Fennelly – Staff                                                appointed 30th June 2015

Steven Flack – Parent                                               appointed 30th June 2015

James Fuller – Vice Chair                                        appointed 20th February 2015 (Resigned 8th Feb 2017)

Karen Kerridge – Executive Headteacher                appointed 10th April 2015

Peter King – Parent                                                  appointed 30th June 2015

Karen Lay                                                                 appointed 7th March 2016

David Fisher                                                             appointed 27th June 2016 (resigned 4th September 2017) 

Stephanie Rogers                                                    appointed 19th June 2017

Jumie George                                                          appointed 19th June 2017

Jenny Haken                                                           appointed 19th June 2017

Hilary Luckman                                                       appointed 19th June 2017



Standards, Staffing and Curriculum

Simon Cox

Terence Curtis

Steven Flack – Chair

James Fuller – (Resigned 8th Feb 2017)

Terence Reynolds

Karen Lay


Finance, Estate and General Purposes

Simon Cox

Terence Curtis

Janet Fennelly

Steven Flack

Peter King – Chair

Terence Reynolds

David Fisher – appointed 27th June 2016

Anne Wright – Company Secretary



Declaration of Interests


Directors have made the following declarations in relation to their business interests although the Trust does not trade with or receive any benefits from these businesses.

Directors are also asked to declare any potential conflicts of interest arising from any matter or agenda item discussed by the Board at each meeting and this is formally recorded.


James Fuller – Education Consultant

Peter Hillman – Member and Director of Benfleet Schools Trust, Governor of The Appleton School, Director of Legacy Trust (Benfleet), Legacy XS Ltd

Karen Kerridge – Headteacher at The Appleton School, Director of Benfleet Schools Trust

Peter King – Trustee of Selex Sport and Leisure Trust

Terence Reynolds – Education Consultant, Member and Director of Benfleet Schools Trust

David Fisher Managing Director of Accounting and Educational Services, Director of Opportunity Network

Governor Attendance:

Governors Meeting Attendance 2015-16

Governors Meeting Attendance 2016-17

Governors Meeting Attendance 2017-18




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